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Published: November 30, 2018 0 0 179
By: Hatem Al-Harazi, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Interior Design
Hashtags: #3D #Architectural #AutoCAD #Design #Interior #InteriorDesign #ModelMaking #Rendering #Sketchup

Project: Art & Research Culture Center
Location: Kyrenia,North Cyprus
Year: 2015 (4th Year Project)
Instructor: Prof.Dr.Kutsal Ozturk

Project Brief:

The project was to renovate the monastery of Akhiropithos with a historical value in North Cyprus to function as a Culture Center for Art and Research.Many parts of the monastery have been damaged partly and some completely due to the lack of maintenance and the weather changes.

My Proposal:

Since many of the monastery’s parts were demolished, my proposal was to try to keep the true identity of the monastery to respect its historical value. I proposed a way of circulation through a semi-open structure that will help emphasize the original path the monastery
initially had before its parts were damaged. The whole monastery had been given new
functions to all its spaces that can help both art display and education for the community.
We were asked to analyze the site and produce design proposals,technical drawings,
3D perspectives and models.