ARO 102L Model Rocket Launch
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ARO 102L Model Rocket Launch

ARO 102L Model Rocket Launch


Published: August 18, 2020 0 0 122
By: Xavier Quintana, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Aerospace Engineering
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ARO 102L was an introductory course at California State Polytechnic University Pomona on Introduction to Astronautics. In this project I was the student leader to which my team was assigned. The objective of the project was to build a model rocket to launch and collect data from to implement mathematical equations to find impulse, drag and thrust. I was leader and also conducted all calculations for each rocket. We had used a simple model rocket set that was obtained from a hobby store but each member had to add a different variable to the rocket for example I had sanded my fins so they could be smooth. We then took our rockets out to a field and launched with our class the raw data was recorded and saved to an Excel file. I then wrote my own Excel file filled with equations and also had help from MATLAB coding to simplify the results. The report is provided above for our results. I thank my team for the experience and we received an A on this report.


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