AMM 310 Line Sheet
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AMM 310 Line Sheet

AMM 310 Line Sheet


Published: March 8, 2019 0 0 174
By: Chanel Savant, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Fashion
Hashtags: #Design #Fashion #Illustrator

This was the Fall 2017 I created in my junior year. The biggest lesson learned throughout this course was how much research goes into making a line. Students were required to create a target demographic and justify why their line would work. Hours of work were dedicated to this line. My main inspiration was sustainability and nature. I made sure to point out the exact materials needed to make the garments so that they were eco- friendly. We also had to be sure to include details such as size range, minimum quantities, and color options. All this added to the experience because the line sheet reflected what one may see in the industry. A challenge I faced was creating the mood board. It didn't flow how I wanted it to initially. After working with my professor and getting feedback from students I was able to move forward and produce this as an end result.

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