Al-Yemni Villa (Residential)
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Al-Yemni Villa (Residential)

Al-Yemni Villa (Residential)


Published: December 1, 2018 0 0 277
By: Hatem Al-Harazi, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Interior Design
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Project: Al-Yemni Private Villa
Location: Riyadh,Saudi Arabia
Year: 2015-2016 (Real Project)
Area: 490 m2

Project Brief:

The project was an old villa that the client required it to be renovated and designed while keeping the Bush Hammered Sandstone on the exterior and treating the existing flooring and wooden doors to minimize the budget, the project required electrical work, plumping work, Iron work, and interior designing to several rooms in the villa after the renovation.

My duties:

1-Meeting the client alongside the senior designer to understand their needs and evaluate the statues of the property and discussing our services and budgeting.
2-Visiting the site and taking the full measurements of the site.
3-Drawing the technical drawings for the existing site and for the proposed
designs and changes required.
4-Communicating with the contractor of the site and scheduling weekly meetings to make sure the progress of the project is in a timely manner and as designed.
5-Assisted in materials and paint selection (flooring, walls, ceiling, upholstery,
bespoke works)
6-Assisted in drawing all the required technical and 3D drawings for the custom made doors, structures and bespoke works (wooden, iron, glass and mirrors)
7-Toilet and kitchen design and the selection their products.
8-Assisted in furniture, lighting and accessories selection and supervising the
delivery of all the products used in the project.