AHA Intern Presentation on LinkedIn & Portfolium
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AHA Intern Presentation on LinkedIn & Portfolium

AHA Intern Presentation on LinkedIn & Portfolium

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Published: March 19, 2017 1 0 244
By: Erin Manalo-Pedro, University Of California Los Angeles
Category: Education
Hashtags: #College #CSUFAlliedHealthAcademy #Csufullerton #Education #EducationalEquity #Internship #ProfessionalDevelopment

As Program Coordinator for the HRSA Health Careers Opportunity Program Allied Health Academy at CSU Fullerton, I facilitate internship placement, coordination, and monitoring. As part of their required professional development activities, interns spend time building their LinkedIn and Portfolium accounts. I developed this presentation to educate students on the benefits of these platforms and how to leverage them as interns in the Allied Health Academy.

Other professional development activities include reflective blogging, developing a memorandum of understanding (which includes their learning objectives and program objectives), a work plan, monthly status reports, and a final dissemination project.

Students who have successfully completed internship requirements are tagged as teammates.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Amy Santos
  • Angela Corro
  • Candy Valles
  • David Ruiz
  • Dylan Dao
  • Janet Ramirez
  • Nayeli Rodriguez
  • Stephanie Rodriguez
  • Ying Ying Tran


David Ruiz